XM8A Series

By adopting advanced technologies with our refresh-free architecture, the XM8A series can support asynchronous SRAM interface and achieve comparable performance with SRAMs of the same kind in large capacity, high speed and reliability. We can offer you products of low power consumption and with lower cost. The XM8A series, which is completely compatible with asynchronous SRAM, can meet your demands for high performance and lower price of various application systems.

Density PartNumber BW bit Vdd Speed Package Status
4Mb XM8A25616V33A X16 3.3V 10/12ns TSOP2(44)/BGA(48) MP
4Mb XM8A51208V33A X8 3.3V 10/12ns TSOP2(44)/BGA(48) MP
8Mb XM8A51216V33A X16 3.3V 10/12ns TSOP2(44)/TSOP1(48) MP
8Mb XM8A01M08V33A X8 3.3V 10/12ns TSOP2(44)/TSOP1(48) MP
16Mb XM8A01M16V33A X16 3.3V 10/12ns TSOP1(48)/BGA(48) MP
16Mb XM8A02M08V33A X8 3.3V 10/12ns TSOP1(48)/TSOP2(44)/BGA(48) MP
32Mb XM8A02M16V33A X16 3.3V 10/12ns TSOP1(48)/BGA(48) 2Q19
32Mb XM8A04M08V33A X8 3.3V 10/12ns TSOP1(48)/BGA(48) 2Q19
64Mb XM8A04M16V33A X16 3.3V 10/12ns TSOP1(48)/TSOP2(54)/BGA(48) 2Q19
64Mb XM8A08M08V33A X8 3.3V 10/12ns TSOP1(48)/TSOP2(54)/BGA(48) 2Q19