MDC701_V4 is a demo board developed from our Sync XRAM 7 series. It is integrated with our XRAM memory modules, camera modules, HDMI display modules, audio encoding and decoding modules, Gigabit network PHY modules, chip-on-board XRAM memory chips, FPGA memory chips, HDMI PHY memory chips, audio encoding and decoding memory chips, Gigabit PHY memory chips, memory chips for USB serial port, SD card slots, breathing lights, two-digit eight-seg LED digital display, DIP switches, touch keys, camera interfaces and GPIO interfaces.


  • XILINX Spartan-6 XC6SLX16-2FTG256C - 576Kb RAM and 14579 logic units
  • Sync XRAM XM7A04M18V33A60LQIT - 64Mb high-speed XRAM memory, compatible with the popular Synchronous SRAMs
  • HDMI PHY interface, supports 1080P display
  • Gigabit PHY memory chips
  • Audio encoding and decoding memory chips - line in, MIC in, headphone out, speaker out
  • USB to UART serial interfaces, supports micro USB interfaces
  • Reserved for SD card slots, supports Micro SD memory cards
  • Pin headers of camera modules interface
  • LED breathing lights in three colors, two-digit eight-seg LED digital display
  • 4 touch keys, 4 DIP switches, 24 user GPIO
  • 50MHz oscillator clock input
  • 32Mbit SPI Flash memory chips
  • Power supply: 12V/1A


STAR WOLF demo board MDC704 V1 datasheet v1.0.pdf