Innovative Technology, ideal product to improve system performance

XRAM technology (TLC DRAM+ RF DRAM) can deliver customer with excellent memory product, will compete the current DRAM, SRAM application completely.


Smaller die size, more convenient to use

Based on the TLC DRAM pattern, we offer more smaller size KGD product which can save 30% around die size than the similar product. RF DRAM pattern can support customer no need to consider the refresh procedure while DRAM application, so it will be more easier and convenient to integrate for SOC and SIP.

IP Licensing

Flexible business model, fulfill our valued customers

We can deliver the IP licensing service to our valued customer with TLC DRAM and RF DRAM patterns separately, TLC DRAM technology can increase the density per single wafer and ignore the refresh procedure while using the DRAM technology by the RF DRAM patterns.