「XINGMEM」 Leading The World In Memory
Our new memory technology and independent intellectual property rights will revolutionize the industry
「XRAM」 New Memory
Excellent memory products with much better performance than DRAM and SRAM
XingMem provides you with memory solutions to various applications


XRAM is a new type of memory which adopts DRAM-based technology. It is a combination of TLC DRAM and RF DRAM technology patented by XingMem.

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XingMem provides customers with memory products of better performance that are in smaller size and adopt our XRAMTM technology by combing KGD, patented TLC DRAM and RF DRAM technologies.

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If you have excellent skills in memory development, join us! And you will be working with your coworkers coming from home or abroad with rich experience in IC design, production management and academic research.

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